An apologetic post

I am here to apologize for doing you all wrong. Even if you are so few, I suppose I still feel compelled to say sorry.

I have no time to post anything in this period… and no computer from where to, either. My laptop broke and my sister’s computer is under occupation … by my sister, obviously. Even this is written off of my phone. Damned qwerty keyboard keeps correcting things for me.

I have too many things to do – that is my excuse and I humbly ask for it to be accepted! Between term papers, studying for my high school final exams, as I am in my last year, and applying for college, I can’t even find the time to shower. This has been my first half-free Saturday in ages an I of course used it for sleeping. Duh.

On a final note, as I don’t want to bore you with my pathetic apologizes, I will post some…thing…s… soon. I have some reviews that I hid in my computer for dry times such as these and I can dust them off and.. who the hell am I kidding?! I have exactly nothing. I will, however, create something.

Soon. Pinky promise.

You can still find a bit of activity on my part on the Goodreads page and on Twitter, because I just comment and share on those lately and it takes me exactly two minutes every day.

Dispatch. Over.


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